Covered CA Announces Rate Increase for 2018

At a press event today, Covered California announced rates and plan participation for 2018. The weighted average rate increase is 12.5 percent this year, and all 11 health insurers will continue to offer coverage.

It should be noted that given the uncertainty surrounding the cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payment, Covered California may need to add an additional 12.4 percent surcharge on all Silver plans. We stand ready to communicate any changes that take place at the federal level as we learn more.

Anthem Blue Cross of California is withdrawing from 16 of California’s 19 Pricing Regions where it serves approximately 153,000 consumers, while remaining in three regions (Region 1, 7 and 10) where it covers more than 108,000 consumers (41 percent of their current enrollment). This means that more than half their customers will need to find a new plan. Given this, your help will be a necessity for the upcoming renewal and open enrollment period.

Consumers will receive renewal notices beginning in October, and that will provide individual information about their rates as well as premium subsidy for 2018. We encourage you to help consumers shop, because many can minimize their rate increase next year if they switch to a different plan.

We’re excited to announce we expect to have a new integrated Provider Directory available on which will help not only new consumers, but those seeking to find a new plan. With this directory consumers will be able to help consumers see what doctors are available in each plan so they can make a selection that makes sense for them and their family.

The rates for 2018 should be in the Shop and Compare tool closer to the renewal period. When those rates are loaded we will be sure to send you an Agent Alert.

Together, we have successfully enrolled millions of people in Covered California and the state’s Medi-Cal program.

In advance of our upcoming open enrollment, I’m excited to build on all that we have learned as we continue to make historic progress reducing the number of uninsured in California.

Stay tuned for more information about how we can work together to enroll even more consumers for 2018.

Bob Manzer
Deputy Director
Sales and Outreach & Covered California for Small Business

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