Covered California to Offer Vision Coverage through VSP

Covered California and VSP® Vision Care have partnered to offer consumers a pathway to vision coverage. Beginning February 16, consumers will have access to shop for VSP vision benefits.

Peek Into What the Plan Offers

Overview of the full service plan offered by VSP to Covered California participants:

  • $15 exam copay/$25 glasses copay
    • Single vision, lined bifocal, or lined trifocal lenses when glasses are selected versus contact lenses
    • $120 frame allowance or contact lens allowance
    • Contact lens – the fitting and evaluation is fully covered with no copay, allowing members to use their full allowance toward the purchase of contacts

While adult vision care is important for Covered California members, adult vision care is not an essential health benefit under the Affordable Care Act and coverage is handled directly through VSP. Vision services for children are an essential health benefit and are included in all health plans purchased through Covered California.

Enrollment with VSP into vision plans is available year-round and is available during and outside of the Open Enrollment Period.

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